Saturday, March 15, 2014

Almost spring

Sage Creek Ranch is hopping right now.  It's spring.  Although it mostly doesn't look like it yet, it really is spring.

 The crocuses are blooming (although we got cold again after I posted this, so they probably don't look like this now.

 It's warm enough to be laying around in the sun.  Humphrey is eight years old now and while he still pulls the night shift at Sage Creek, the nap times are getting longer.

 Morty loves being outside at SCR when it's warm enough.  He stays in a cage outside because there're a lot of vultures and hawks, as well as bobcats (we've even recently spotted evidence that the lion is back) who would be happy to eat him.

 As part of our improvement program, Tim has laid down a gravel path through the park-like fields.  The gravel helps lessen the erosion problem.

 Since we've had just enough rain to not be on a "burn ban" right now, Tim has been burning off some of the huge piles of leaves.  We leave quite a few for composting, but we need some sun and air to get to the roots of the grass seed Tim's planted.

 The cacti waits for the warmth...

The view of the big stock tank/pond.  It's at an okay level given how little rain we've had.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Day

While the photos make it look sunny and warm, it wasn't warm at all.  It was a lovely, chilly day.  Come to think of it, I can't think of any days that I don't care for at the ranch... cold, rainy, hot, humid, windy, cloudy, sunny, snowy, foggy -- all of them have a beauty and a peace.

It's at this time of year that we look back to see what yet needs to be attended to for our WildLife Certification.

These piles sit in a few places around the ranch.  I used to think these kinds of things were just plain unsightly - until I found out that there are deep and rich habitats for all kinds of little wildlife in them - they are piles of garbage, they are luxurious homes.  And of course, where there is small wildlife, there're the bigger creatures too.

While it's from a distance, this is the largest of the debris piles:

 This is a new pile that Tim created when he trimmed out all the Cedars under the beautiful Oak:

 Bobcat tracks.  Probably feasting on the numerous rabbits or little birds.  

To create the latest habitat, this is the tree Tim trimmed (you can see all the stumps!):

And, even though it was way too cold to get on his bathing suit, Humphrey had to go all the way in to get a drink.

And, even in the cold, there's still a spot of color to be found:

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is More Than a Year Too Long?

I guess it is if it's more than a year... We've been away from our blog for over a year...  much has happened in that time and in some ways, many things are the same.

I find it peaceful that amid changing circumstances, there's an unchanging change to the ranch.  It has it's cycles and seasons and sometimes things seem to change rapidly, but for the most part, nature does her thing with a comforting rhythm.  The change occurs a bit like the heartbeat of the land.  Beats, then rests.  Beats than rests.  Beats then rests.

These are some photos from before it got cold here in north Texas.  The land and it's flora are colorful and lovely.

 The photo above shows the grass that Tim planted in the woods.  We weren't sure it would really "take", but it grows when there's enough moisture.  It provides a serene beauty.

 The area where Grandi & Grimpa get to watch the grandkids play - but none of them are little enough any more for that swing (although there's a new grandbaby on the way...)

Our friend, John, helped us build many of these stone structures on the property.  They are great for all kinds of little critters to hide in.

Our trusty protector, Sherman.  Always there to take a walk with us.

Little trees growing everywhere.  Good thing too - lots of the big ones seem to be dying. 

This pond expansion is one of the big highlights since we last posted.  We could use some more rain to fill up the new tank.  We've had more Blue Heron building on the tank since we expanded.  Lovely to see them take to flight when they hear us coming.

Mushrooms that look like golf balls.

Some of Tim's industrious plantings for the butterflies, the birds and the deer.

More of the plantings

More of the new trees

And, as always, my rose garden.

Life is good.  The blog is back.  Watch this space for more great ranch and nature musings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easter.... 2012

Wow.  Can't believe it's been a year since I posted to our blog!  I've tried to post via mobile several times, and while the item seems to go through, they don't show up on the blog.  Ah well.  Here are some shots from the ranch on Easter.

Egg Hunting (all that green grass is from Tim's planting)

It was also the time of year for the butterflies - and they didn't disappoint.  These guys are enjoying more of the fruits of Tim's labors - the plants were planted as part of our Wildlife Certification renewal.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot Days in June

We're already at the hot part of summer - it seems like just a few weeks ago we were complaining about how cold it was here still.  Ah well, each season moves forward.

This past week, as we've been wandering SCR, we've seen a snake skin (below); caught flowers in their last bloom; found a new reptile that we haven't seen before; and simply enjoyed the beauty of the earth.

We were happy to see the little painted bunting below enjoying himself at our feeder.

Enjoy life.

My lilies on the patio finally bloomed!

Kinda hard to see, but this is the shed snake skin Tim found

Anyone know what kind of lizard this is?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Beauty of the Day

We were out for a stroll across Sage Creek Ranch the other day.  These are some of the sites we regularly see on our journey.

First we saw this little creature walking right next to our path.  We think he and his family (and cousins and their families) live in our ponds.

Tried to catch his head before he pulled it all the way back in

Then we came across this beautiful butterfly.  His colors are so striking.

The little bee was a great bonus.

We've planted more thistle (in addition to what grows naturally) as it attracts all kinds of creatures to our property.

Some of the fields of thistle

We honor our fallen servicemen and women today and give thanks for their sacrifice for our freedom. Enjoy your freedom today!

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